Thursday, 20 May 2010

there is NO god....

this is a translation story from here

i am using google translate and some words are not translated correctly...

if you want to read in Malay language go to the source here:

A potter haircut is a haircut of a man. They arrived a lot of talk and when they talk about the divine.

"I do not believe in the existence of God," said potter haircut.

"Oh, why did not believe there is God?", Replied the man of words craftsmen cut hair.

"Here, try to see relatives in the vicinity of this store is enough to prove that there is no God. If God is there, sure there is no pain, no problem man, no man who lives in destitute poverty.

If the Lord is, there will be no all the trouble. I can not imagine God the Most Merciful will let all this happen if God is there.

The man remained silent. He did not want to give any consideration because he did not want to happen arguments opinion.

Upon completion of her hair cut and pay wages to Tailor haircut, the man out of the store. Once out, he saw a man who is not manageable hair. Long hair and very dirty.

The man re-entered the barber shop and said to the barber fortune.

"My fortune haircut, I am very confident this time that is actually not the potter haircut."

"Eh, I finished my one? I was in front of your eyes as a craftsman haircut. How do you say there is no fortune haircut? "Reply potter haircut.

"There is no fortune haircut. If so, how can any such person out there who have long hair that is not managed and dirty? "The man shows the long-haired men and dirty fortune to the barber.

"Oh .. that is his own man because he did not want to come to my shop. If not sure I would cut her hair and clean. "Answered the barber with a confident craftsman.

"If so how relatives say God is not there? While the brothers and their calamity is NEVER TRY AND COME TO FIND GOD? Have never tried to ask Him to be close to Him.

Therefore a lot of pain and calamity in the world, while Allah is Most Merciful.

Si tukang barber silent and glued for long realized he was never truly find God and say God is not there.

Hopefully there manafaatnya the story above.

Monday, 17 May 2010

Ask forgiveness from your lord

taken from here


” Ask forgiveness from your lord: Verily, He is oft-Forgiving He will then send rain to you in abundance and give you increase in wealth and children and bestow on you gardens, and bestow on you rivers.” Surah Nuh, 10-12

Imam al-Qurtubi stated, ” In this verse, are clear proofs that asking for forgiveness is a cause of the descent of rizq/wealth and rain.” Tafsir al-Qurtubi, v18,p.302.

There is no doubt that one of the primary ways to increase our wealth is to seek Allah (SWT)’s forgiveness for our many sins. When we turn in repentance to Allah (SWT), Allah (SWT) rewards us by accepting our repentance and blessing us with worldly gain.

The scholars of Islam have laid down certain conditions for any repentance to be accepted by Allah (SWT) (SWT), these are as follow:

* The 1st and most important condition is that it is to be made purely for the sake of Allah (SWT). No worldly factor should influence a person’s motive for this religious act.
* The person should immediately stop performing the evil that he /she is doing.
* The person should make a sincere intention never to return to that sin.
* The person should feel true guilt and regret over performing the sin committed.
* The person should repent to his Lord both verbally and by action i.e. doing as many good deeds as you can to try to make up for your bad action or wipe it away.

And Allah (SWT) knows best.
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